About us


Our company is located in Gdańsk, center of amber industry in Poland. Gdańsk was one of the most important cities on The Amber Road (The Amber Road - an acient trade route for the transfer of amber from costal areas of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea to the Mediterranean Sea). This prehistoric trade route between Northern and Southern Europe were defined by the amber trade. 

The value of amber has been growing in recent years. Amber is not a gemstone - like for example diamond - but it is valued for other properties and inner beauty. Must have for all who loves nature!

Warm, healing, wise, protective, cheerful - these are just some of the properties attributed to the old and beautiful amber stone. The main supply of high-quality amber comes from the Baltic countries in Northern Europe. And here we are!

Our craftsmen have long experience and unique skills to transform Baltic amber to a pieces of art. All the products in our store are made in Poland of highest quality natural Baltic Amber and sterling silver. All our jewellery is brand new and has been correctly hallmarked. All of the pictures were taken by us, they show the actual product that you are buying.

Some of our jewelry is additionally called "rhodium plated" - you may ask why. Rhodium plating will make the metal more scratch resistant and, when used on silver jewelry, less prone to tarnishing.
So when you ask "does sterling silver tarnish"? We say: "Yes". Rhodium plating can keep sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing.

All merchandise are in stock, ready to be shipped same or next business day the payment has been made. If you are interested in a bigger amount of our goods, do not hesitate to contact us.