New Form

Jewelry with inspiration taken from nature, architecture, fashion. Beauty of ancient amber combined with contemporary design.
These statement pieces are the perfect finishing touch to a simple outfit and make for particularly special holiday jewelry.

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  • Royal Amber Modernist Earrings
    € 58.85

    Royal Amber Modernist Earrings These Amber & Silver Geometric Earrings feature a gold-plated st…

  • Amber Ethnic Earrings
    € 67.85

    Amber Ethnic Earrings Dangle stud earrings inspired by a ethno culture. These gorgeous earrings fea…

  • Royal Amber Statement Necklace
    € 399.85

    Royal Amber Statement Necklace Unique rare substantial piece of untreated baltic amber. This pendan…

  • Black Amber Statement Necklace
    € 202.95

    Silver Black Amber Bag Necklace Very original and elegant necklace from Exclusive Raw Amber Collect…

  • Contemporary Amber Jewelry
    € 39.85

    Dainty Amber Pastille Earrings Subtle Amber Earrings. Dainty dark cherry red amber pastille with a …

  • Amber Gold Plated Silver Lago Earrings
    € 59.85

    Dainty Amber Drop Earrings Minimalist Dainty Amber Stud Earrings. A slice of dark cognac amber is p…

  • Dainty Amber Charm Necklace
    € 62.55

    Dainty Amber Charm Necklace Minimal Amber Necklace. This lovely necklace is made of the amber …

12 of 23 Items