Silver Cognac Amber Bangle Bracelet. Silver Wave Amber Bangle

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Product Description

Silver Cognac Amber Bangle Bracelet. Silver Wave Amber Bangle

Large amber stone decorated with a subtle silver waves looks elegant and chic.
This gorgeous, oval amber bangle bracelet creates perfect jewelry set with matching necklace. Silver waves give very unique look of the set.
There is no need to buy the whole set - the bangle is also stand alone jewelry and can be sold without a necklace!

Approx. dimensions of the amber: 3.2 cm x 2.5 cm (1.25" x 0.98")

Please note: This is a handmade item. All the measurements are approximate. Every piece of amber is unique, which means the colour and the pattern are unique to every piece. The colours may vary from shown in the picture due to the manufacturing process, but also individual monitor setup.

Other Details

24.2 g
Silver 925, baltic amber
18.0 cm (7.08")


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